South Korea & Japan: Temples, Shrines & Seaside Treasures

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 12, 2022 – Arrive in Seoul; Greeted at Airport; Met Trip Experience Leader

Our overnight at the Comfort Suites in San Bruno, about two miles from the airport, was very short as the shuttle to our hotel was late picking us up. The night desk clerk recommended that we schedule a shuttle back to the International Terminal at 7:15 am. Our wakeup call was at 6:00 and after a light breakfast we were in the lobby at 7:00. The shuttle did not arrive, but the quick-thinking morning clerk arranged for three taxis to pick up the eight of us leaving early.

The United check-in for our flight to Seoul was very easy because we had done most of the required Korean electronic visas and passport information online. A lovely gate agent in Denver had issued our boarding passes yesterday. This morning there was a line for Baggage Drop Off with no waiting. Because we have the Pre-Check passes, we zipped right through TSA security.

Hot breakfast was being served in the Polaris Lounge so we took advantage of their wonderful service. After speaking with our son, Eduardo, we found the gate for the 12-hour flight to Seoul. The flight was scheduled to leave at 10:30 am, but after delays dealing with the electrical system, we pushed back from the gate at 1:40 pm. The crew was very relieved that we were able to fly, and all (maybe most) of the passengers understood the situation.

Lunch, now almost dinner, was served at 3:00. We started with a fresh Asian salad. For our entrées Vic had the vegetarian chili and polenta cake. I chose the Korean BBQ beef with jasmine rice. The beef was excellent, but not as good as Bob Dersé’s!

As we followed the sun across the Pacific Ocean, we talked about how excited we are to be traveling again. Because of our son’s expertise in software design, we are able to share this adventure with all of you on GarciaTrips.

When we arrived at Incheon International Airport at 4:40, we went through a Covid Protection screening. A medical assistant took our temperatures and we had to show our Covid QR code that we had obtained online before leaving the US. The code was scanned into their database and we were allowed to go through to the next station. Even though there were long lines as three flights had just arrived, we were quickly sent through passport control, and then on to customs.

Gennie had emailed Pam to let her know our flight was delayed but the driver was there to pick us up. It is always great to see that OAT sign and know we are in good hands. The sun was setting as we drove from Incheon to Seoul and it took over an hour to get to the hotel. We did not meet Pam, our Tour Leader until after 7:00 pm. Neither of us was hungry so we went to our room and settled in for the next 5 days.

Our room is very spacious with a large desk and two chairs for working on our journal reports. After showering and posting our adventures for the day, we will get a good night’s sleep and be ready to explore Seoul tomorrow.

Accommodations: Pacific Hotel - Meals included: None

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Wow - traveling is never easy! I will be going to Japan next April and traveling by myself as my travel companions book their own flights to save money and we are not on the same flights. I always like an extra set of eyes and ears, but I will be winging it! Hopefully the rest of your trip is fun and less stressful - enjoy!

Cheryl Anne Vieira   October 12, 2022 - 10:26am

Hi Genie and Vic On the road again! Enjoy Be careful of rocket man…

Michel Rainglas   October 12, 2022 - 9:17am

Even when travel days go well, it is very tiring. I'm glad you have safely arrived.

Carol Larson   October 12, 2022 - 7:42am
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OAT Map for South Korea

OAT Map for South Korea

Our Gate at SFI Airport

Our Gate at SFI Airport

Our Flight Path

Our Flight Path

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Qatar Ready for World Cup

Welcome to South Korea

Welcome to South Korea

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